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Work hard intelligently– an advice like no other

Every Wednesday has been special for me. Wednesday, 22 July 2015 was even more special for I got to accompany my role model for an hour enroute to Lamperi from Thimphu.  Ever since I first heard about Dasho Neten...

Let’s go back Home

We reached Drametse – a spot without enemy, towards the evening after five to six hours drive. Everything – starting the direction sun would rise and set, I felt and saw, different. As Apa and other parents left for home (Drepung), I would be put under the guardianship of my older friends from the village, not for days and months but for two years.

Are you a bachelor? Can you cook? Construction and reconstruction of gender roles

The existing trend, res ipsa loquitur, the moment one ties the knot of marriage, majority of them, girls and women, voluntarily or compelled by man-made circumstances, retreat from their public lives, career for instance. As a result, as we see the career progression of respective genders in politics as well as bureaucracy, it is men dominating both in importance of a position as well in numbers, particularly in managerial and decision making levels, though female numbers are beginning to grow.   

My Worldview Then and Now – Accounts of my first travel to the Capital

Today as I look back considering my roots, I see I have come a long way: there is a world beyond Drepung and Mongar, and earth moves around the sun not vice versa. Struggles undergone and sacrifices made by my ever enduring illiterate agrarian parents, backing of kith and kin, support of friends and guidance of teachers made these possible.

Welcome cultures at Sherubtse College

Abstract Culture is a way of life that influences individuals, society, country and the world at large. It is composed of beliefs, norms and conduct determined by its historical, geographical and economical aspects. Among other cultures, the culture of...