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New norms, new normal- Bhutan beyond covid-19

In the wake of covid-19 pandemic, I hear leaders and people calling for ‘new normal’, ‘new norms’. Pondering on what could it really mean, it took me through a series of encounters I have had with teachers who taught...

Are you a bachelor? Can you cook? Construction and reconstruction of gender roles

The existing trend, res ipsa loquitur, the moment one ties the knot of marriage, majority of them, girls and women, voluntarily or compelled by man-made circumstances, retreat from their public lives, career for instance. As a result, as we see the career progression of respective genders in politics as well as bureaucracy, it is men dominating both in importance of a position as well in numbers, particularly in managerial and decision making levels, though female numbers are beginning to grow.   

Leadership back home is missing – Insights from the book talk on youth civic engagement

What actually is youth and who constitute youth? As is customary in legal lexicon and common in policy documents, young people between the ages of 12 and 24 years age are generally classified as youth with varying age brackets in different legislations and country contexts. Defining youth based on age is a categorization based on biology. Understood from social lens, youth is about passion, interest, energy and drive