Work hard intelligently– an advice like no other

Every Wednesday has been special for me. Wednesday, 22 July 2015 was even more special for I got to accompany my role model for an hour enroute to Lamperi from Thimphu. 

Ever since I first heard about Dasho Neten sometime in 2006, I always looked up to her as one figure to emulate. Six months under her leadership has been enriching and eye opening experience. And, senior colleagues of mine deputed me to accompany Dasho Chairperson for the Commission’s farewell at Lamperi. And, I felt very privileged! 

Shaped by stories, I always find myself driven with urgency to listen to what people have to say. And, I was aware that I would not get hold of such opportune moment. Therefore, I would not let such occasion slip.  

An hour drive from Thimphu to Lamperi with brief stop at Dochula through lush environment was breathtakingly beautiful and intellectually awakening. Nursed by varied experiences and driven towards building an incorruptible society, I always wanted to listen what Dasho has got to assert. Therefore, I could not afford to lose track of a single subject of conversation but immerse and contemplate on it.  

At the core of self-development is “soul searching” – knowing oneself first through constant reminder and reflection. As we grow, youthfulness with energy at its height is the most appropriate time to be exploited for greater good. You do it now or never! 

In that pursuit, Dasho asserted that hard work is vital. However, hard work should be blended with intelligence so as to reap maximum results. Absence of latter will only lead to fatigue. Consulting senior colleagues and working with ‘like-minded people’ is the gateway towards such union.

Acknowledging peace and prosperity enjoyed by every Bhutanese, Dasho attributed it to the good deeds of our ancestors and merits generated thereof. However, people increasingly driven by greed and crave for wealth, peace and harmony are at stake. And, solution to sustain this level of peace is to seek refuge in Triple Gem. Contextualizing how scarce the ‘good people’ have become, Dasho exemplified that we would need ‘lenses’ to look for good people.

And I have the onus. Dasho emphasized that we uphold organizational ethos in integrity and justice. During normal circumstances, everybody can abide by their principles and values. It is during difficult times that our values are tested most. And we (I) should never fail in my values so in my duty. And, at some point in time, she can proudly say we (I) worked under her. 

How symbolic the journey was? Having awakened intellectually, we would lit butter lamps and offer prayers at Druk Wangyal Lhakhang – the temple built to commemorate the victory over the militants in December 2003 under the leadership of the Fourth Druk Gyalpo

As we paid tribute to our successive Kings for ushering us unprecedented peace and prosperity, may their blessings help us in building incorruptible society!

Source: Author’s Facebook post dated 26 July 2015. Title of the article/reflection, however, has been reorganised on 1 January 2020.  

Dechen Rabgyal

I am from Drepung, Mongar, Bhutan.

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