A Third View

I pursue writing with three layered objectives:

Firstly, to channel and organise my line of thinking, 

In the Second place, to provide alternative view beyond binaries, if any, and

The last and the Third reason, to participate in everyday social conversation.

Drukpa Kunley espoused, “cleansed by words.”  In order to understand the arguments I make and position I take, I write on the following five broad categories:


Having to go to school barefoot and drenched after fetching water from downstream, growing up in a village wasn’t that easy. Parents’ sacrifices and living legacies of leaders in social sectors (education) gave me a hope to dream-beyond the struggles of village life. And, having found a reason to be hopeful, I am not deserting the place I called my home. Check my experiences on rural upbringing here


Mathang (sister-in-law), Khothkin (brother-in-law), Ana (older sister), Kota (younger brother), Ajang (uncle), and Azem (Aunt) were some of references used to call another person in Bynangri, Drepung. In Thimpu, I got acquainted with the titles of Dasho, Sir and Madam. Beyond Bhutan, I know another person by Imanol, Aizada, Rahul, Lihe, Sophie, etc. In relationships, titles and names, I try to understand the dynamics of society more-values, norms and beliefs-and the outcomes it has here


During childhood days, I saw my parents and neighbours not only exchange goods but also borrow pots and pans. As I grew, I learnt about trade, import, export, taxes, corporate bodies, private sectors and the like. More, I discovered that these are steeped in ideologies of capitalism, socialism, etc. The essence, however, revolves around survival and wellbeing as I discuss here


And, our survival and wellbeing are determined and influenced by the so-called principles and approaches of governance which is inherently linked to politics. Lamentably, politics is considered one not so appealing field and the majority try to distance from it. I write on how political decisions impact our everyday lives, at home and workplace and our collective future as I argue here


As frequency and audience of my conversation increase, I realised that the premise of my conversations have prejudices. To moderate my biases, I try to situate my arguments and ideas in larger societal context by consulting repository of knowledge in books for which I have pledged,

“…Samaya! 30 for 30. Hereon I will read books not lesser than my age in a year. For this year, I should complete 30. That said numbers should not be the only benchmark…” [Journal entry dated 29 March 2020 @ 22:26]

At the time of committing to this pledge, I was reading ‘The Life and Times of Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö’ by His Eminence Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche– tendrel. Check my notes here