Monthly Archive: July 2018

My Worldview Then and Now – Accounts of my first travel to the Capital

Today as I look back considering my roots, I see I have come a long way: there is a world beyond Drepung and Mongar, and earth moves around the sun not vice versa. Struggles undergone and sacrifices made by my ever enduring illiterate agrarian parents, backing of kith and kin, support of friends and guidance of teachers made these possible.

Leadership back home is missing – Insights from the book talk on youth civic engagement

What actually is youth and who constitute youth? As is customary in legal lexicon and common in policy documents, young people between the ages of 12 and 24 years age are generally classified as youth with varying age brackets in different legislations and country contexts. Defining youth based on age is a categorization based on biology. Understood from social lens, youth is about passion, interest, energy and drive