Scattered notes, sporadic efforts and steely spine: The story in the making of a book

Dechen Rabgyal

I am from Drepung, Mongar, Bhutan.

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3 Responses

  1. Asteey says:

    Going through ur lines, my courisity got the better of me this time n i can’t wait to hold a copy for myself… I would read and re-read it so that i capture all ur well thought ideals into my classroom session….
    Good luck Dechen

  2. Ugyen says:

    I am happy you have finally found your knowledge a medium of expression. I know it will make a good read. Living in neighbourhood of of your thoughts, mostly listening and admiring your expressions I have only grown fond of you. Anyone who will read your book will definitely lead themselves to your influence. GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND.

  3. Khem P. Gautam says:

    You have grown to be an exemplary figure. Your writing is awesome, and I will surely find a copy and the time to read yours.

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